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2'-1" x 7'-4" - Full Color LED Signs

Sign Features

Color: Full Color
Pitch: 20mm
Matrix: 32x112
Size: 2'-1" x 7'-4"
Max # Lines: 4
Max Characters/Line: 19
Max Character Height: 25"
Trim: Zero
Product Code: 20FC-32112


We offer in-house financing for qualified client and projects as well as third party leasing options. Call 1-800-732-9886 to learn more.

What is a pixel?

A pixel is a cluster of 1 or more LED’s. Monochrome and Grayscale LED sign pixels have 1 or more LED’s of either red or amber while full color pixels feature red, green and blue LED’s. More LED’s per pixel will produce higher quality pictures, animations and text.

What is pitch?

The pitch of an LED sign is the distance between each pixel. If the specifications of a sign you are buying state that the Pitch (or resolution) is 20mm – this means there are twenty millimeters from the center of one pixel to the next. The smaller the pitch the more LEDs per square-foot which means the resolution will be higher. A sign with a 20 mm pitch can show more characters and the picture will be clearer up close than a sign of the same case size with a pitch of 34mm. If you are displaying a lot of graphics and you want your images to look crisper and more realistic, then your pixels should be located closer together. If you are just running text without a lot of graphics, you can go with a pitch where the pixels are located further apart.

What is Matrix?

An LED display’s matrix represents how many pixels on the display. A display with a matrix resolution of 32 (h) by 128 (w) means it has 32 pixels from top to bottom and 128 from left to right. A higher matrix on your LED sign will give you #1 more lines of text, #2 more characters per line and #3 better images and video. If you are purchasing (for example) a 4’ tall x 8’ long sign, selecting a smaller pitch will increase the matrix of the display which means better image quality. A 20mm resolution 4’ tall x 8’ long LED sign has a pixel matrix of 56×112 pixels (56 rows x 112 columns = 6,272 pixels). On the other hand a 16mm resolution 4’ tall x 8’ long LED sign has a pixel matrix of 72×144 which gives you a total of 10,368. That’s 65% more pixels in the same square footage = a much higher resolution sign.

Why is viewing angle important?

A signs viewing angle dictates the signs ability to been viewed from to the extreme left and right of the sign. The content on an LED sign with a poor viewing angle (70 degrees) will disappear sooner as you pass the sign. Our signs feature a 140 degree viewing angle. This allows you to view the message right up until the moment you drive past the sign. The brightness will not fade out as you drive past the sign.

What creates a good viewing angle?

  1. Surface mounted LED’s.
    LED’s that are trapped behind a “protective” face are not as exposed and visible. Good engineering will allow you to have protected LED’s that are still highly visible. See our section on protective faces.
  2. Wide viewing angle/quality LED’s.
    Our displays are equipped with wide viewing angle LED’s (designed to be used with signs) made by the industry’s top manufacturers, Nichia and Hewlett Packard.

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Single color text and basic animations.

256 shades of a single color displaying text, pictures and video

True color pictures, video and text.